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Voter's Voices

Voters' VoicesIn March 1990, a peaceful revolution swept away the communist leadership in Mongolia. After three generations of one-party-rule, democracy was introduced. Today the democratic system is firmly established. In a democracy, voters have a voice – but who is listening to them? Is it sufficient to form a government according to the outcome of an election and then forget about the voters for the rest of the legislative term?

For more than ten years the Sant Maral Foundation has recorded voters' voices. More than thirty opinion polls were conducted between September 1995 and October 2007. Some of these polls took place shortly before an election and they were a political barometer keenly monitored by political activists from all parties. Other polls were conducted at less crucial times when politicians were not so eager to listen to voters' opinions and appraisals. Voters' Voices is a collection of all the surveys conducted by the Sant Maral Foundation and provides a comprehensive picture of people's changing opinions over a period of more than ten years.

Today's political scene in Mongolia covers a wide range of political parties that represent different opinions and ideologies. The surveys have recorded voters' changing political preferences. This vast collection of empirical data allows an analysis of which party appealed to which group in society at what time during Mongolia's transition from a one-party-state to a functioning democracy.

ISBN: 99929-1-332-0
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